Welcome to Peer Advisor Support

AAS Peer Advisor Support Sessions

** Peer Advising will be returning in the Fall 2024 **

Peer Advisor sessions are for students registered with AAS who would like to chat with a peer to learn about activating and managing their accommodations.

Peer Advisors are students like you! With experience working in AAS, they are able to answer general questions about activating and managing accommodations. Your documentation remains strictly confidential, and Peer Advisors do not have access to your personal information.


All students registered with AAS.


Students can book a virtual 15 minute session to meet 1:1 with a Peer Advisor in-person or via Google Meet. Being on camera is optional, but you may wish to use screen sharing if you need support navigating your accommodations.

Discussion Topics:

Peer Advisors can answer general questions about managing accommodations.

Questions Peer Advisors CAN Answer: Questions Peer Advisors CANNOT Answer:
 ✓ How to send accommodation plans
 ✓ How to book tests
 ✓ How to request extensions
 ✓ How to communicate with professors
 ✓ How to use accommodations (e.g. AAS Peer Note-Taking, Test Centre, etc.)
 X Specific disability-related questions
 X Specific accommodation plan questions 
 X Bursary and funding questions

 For these inquiries, please contact your Student Accommodation Facilitator.

How to Get Started:

  • To book a 15 minute Peer Advisor session, select "Available Workshops";
  • Choose the best time for you, and then select "book".

Once booked, you can view your sessions by selecting "Calendar", above. 

Need to cancel your session?

Visit ‘My Schedule’ from the main page to cancel and reschedule to a time that works for you.


Visit: Peer Advisor Support

Email: aaspeersupport@torontomu.ca